7 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Best

7 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Best

7 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Best WWE Champion in History

Haters will loathe, however you need to give credit where it’s expected. Roman Reigns has outperformed Cena and Hogan.

With regards to title holders, the WWE has an incredible and storied history.

Some time before the Rock n Wrestling association changed the plan of action of master wrestling everlastingly. There was an association called the WWWF, or World Wide Wrestling Federation. Despite the fact that at one time it was an individual from the National Wrestling Alliance. It likewise worked for a considerable length of time under its own protection.

When you discuss WWWF champions, the man who comes most to mind is presumably Bob Backlund. The previous novice wrestling champion had quality, stamina, and nearness that served him well as victor.

However, Backlund could accomplish something other than hook. He was additionally a savage brawler who could more than hold his very own if the match deteriorated into a drool knocker. His five-year title rule kept going 2,135 days, amid which time he held off legends like Jimmy Snuka and Ken Patera.

After the WWWF dropped a letter and turned out to be essentially the WWF, the boss was Hulk Hogan. While Hogan didn’t have Backlund’s novice foundation or specialized aptitudes. He was an extraordinary talker and a significant number of the best wrestling minutes from the 1980s include him in some frame or mold.

Post-Hogan, amid what has been known as the New Generation period, Bret Hart was the essential face champion. However his reigns were never insofar as had been in past times. He imparted the spotlight to Yokozuna and Shawn Michaels amid this period. Hart reestablished specialized wrestling to the headliner picture and exhibited a considerably more underdog character when wrestling as a baby-face.

At that point there was the Attitude Era, with Steve Austin being the greatest name star. Undeniable made the original of the wrestling wannabe, or, in other words being used today. At last, in the Ruthless Aggression and PG period John Cena has been the man most conspicuously featured…until Roman Reigns.

As extraordinary as those previous WWE champions may be, here are seven reasons why Roman Reigns was the best WWE boss ever.

7 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Best

1. The Superman Punch

The Superman Punch

There have been numerous amazing completing moves used by WWE champions. Macho Man Randy Savage supported a flying elbow drop off the best rope. Numerous camera flashes went off when he brought his arms up noticeable all around before flying through the air and slamming down on his hapless rival.

Mass Hogan had the Immortal Leg Drop, a generally straightforward move that Hogan made look more amazing by ethicalness of his monstrous size. The Hulkster would regularly set up the leg drop with either a major boot or a body pummel. John Cena uses the Attitude Adjustment, a changed shoulder pummel, and in some cases utilizes a STF also.

Be that as it may, the Superman punch is better than every one of them. Not at all like the elbow drop, Roman’s rival does not need to be inclined on the tangle. What’s more, Roman does not need to lift his adversary to play out the completing move, favorable position against bigger rivals.

Obviously, he can likewise hit the move from anyplace in the ring, or outside of it so far as that is concerned. Its adaptability, hazardousness, and harm improve it a finisher than some other WWE champion.

7 Reasons Roman Reigns is the Best

2. Samoan Heritage

Samoan Heritage

Roman Reigns is an individual from the A’noai family, a faction of Samoan legacy who likewise gloat some well known wrestlers other than the Big Dog. The Rock, Nia Jax, the Usos, Umaga, and Rosie were only a couple of the wrestlers who have been a piece of the family tradition.

While his cousin the Rock additionally spoke to the Samoan People. Roman is the person who has made it substantially more a piece of his character and persona.

The “Island Boys” as they are in some cases alluded to without anyone else’s input have been a piece of wrestling nearly since its beginning. The Headshrinkers, the Islanders, the Samoan Swat Team and High Chief Peter Maivia are unbelievable in the game in light of current circumstances. The Samoans bring a considerable measure of intensity, determination, and disposition to their job as games performers.

Roman Reigns speaks to the Samoan People as well as the A’noai faction also. So when he conveys a promotion or a Superman punch. He’s talking and hitting with the aggregate voice of a generally mistreated individuals.

3. Beastly Competition

Beastly Competition

Ric Flair is an incredible case of for what reason you’re just in the same class as your opposition. Energy voyaged everywhere throughout the world and confronted men on all landmasses. In the event that there was a noteworthy wrestling star of the 1970s or 1980s. There’s a decent possibility film exists of Ric Flair taking them on for a title belt.

Balance this with Hogan, who once in a while protected his title and just did as such against a bunch of contenders.

In any case, Roman Reigns has guarded his title, consistently, at Pay Per Views, house shows, and Monday Night Raw. He’s confronted men like Brock Lesnar, a standout among-st the most overwhelming WWE champions in late history. And is one of only a handful couple of men to stick the Beast for a title.

Roman has brought down Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, and a veritable’s who of the current WWE headliner program. He absolutely meets the meaning of a ‘battling champion.’

4. Comeback King

Comeback King

On the off chance that there’s one thing for certain you think about Roman Reigns, it’s that he doesn’t know the importance of the word ‘quit.’

Barely any other men could leave the sort of beating he took on account of The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar at Wrestle Mania 34. Furthermore, in addition to the fact that Roman walked far from being actually beaten bleeding, he returned for additional, declining to trust he couldn’t vanquish Brock Lesnar until he at long last conquered the previous UFC world heavyweight champion.

In the wake of being cut open by an ambush by Lesnar, where elbow shot after elbow shot after elbow shot tumbled down like rain AND being put through the report table, regardless it took no under three F5 completing moves to remove Roman from the battle.

In any case, losing a fight doesn’t mean you relinquish the whole war, and Roman figured out how to demonstrate his prevalence over Lesnar by at last vanquishing the Beast and taking the Universal title for his own.

5. Childhood saint

Childhood saint

At one time, it was suspected that nobody could outperform the youth saint status of Hulk Hogan. Truly mobbed by fans wherever he went, Hogan was one of the primary master wrestlers to be dealt with like an all out VIP by the two fans and the predominant press.

At that point along came John Cena. The etched superman has dependably been more well known with the more youthful set than pretty much some other wrestler. They excite to his well put together, never beyond words, cheat to win state of mind. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect turned into a catchphrase worked out over numerous a shirt.

Yet, Roman Reigns is nearer to being a superhuman than some other wrestler ever. He has the etched body and the nice looking highlights of an A-rundown film star. Like Cena, he never surrenders and battles to his final gasp for what he trusts in. Indeed, even Roman’s ring gear is intended to inconspicuously help you to remember a superhuman, finish with a chest insignia.

Kids admire Roman Reigns, in a way they never did to Hulk Hogan.

6. Merchandise Mover

Merchandise Mover

For quite a while, John Cena was the stock ruler in WWE. His shirts, armbands, notices, and rap collections sold for millions to fans the world over.

In any case, the crown has been taken up by another ruler of stock. John Cena might not have known that he was passing the light to the Big Dog Roman Reigns. However that is exactly what occurred.

Much like John Cena, Roman Reigns advances to more youthful fans. While the guys 18 to 36 still make up most of the wrestling crowd, this specific statistic is infamous for not burning through cash on stock. While they may post online about their top pick, or minimum top choice, wrestlers and go to live shows and watch at home on Pay Per View, they seldom really purchase the different items offered at fields and on the web.

Be that as it may, more youthful fans are wont to spend a ton of cash on wrestling stock, and their most loved stock highlights the Big Dog Roman Reigns.

7. The Haters will never get to him

The Haters will never get to him


Numerous years prior, before the appearance of the NWO and before the Monday Night Wrestling wars there was where Hulk Hogan got into a verbal quarrel with Sting.

The two wound up wrestling a match live on Nitro, and keeping in mind that the broadcasters focused on that the fans ‘didn’t know who to cheer for. It was clear to everybody watching that Sting was overwhelmingly possessing the group’s help. Fans even straight up booed Hulk Hogan when he was by all accounts creating offense.

After the match, which finished in a no challenge after a keep running in, Hogan mournfully commented that he would dependably be Sting’s companion. The Hulkster was noticeably shaken by the way that he was not cheered like the all inclusive legend.

Roman Reigns doesn’t give the haters a chance to get to him, regardless of how vocal they are in the fields or via web-based networking media. He believes in his identity, a big motivator for he, and his incentive to the organization. On the off chance that that is not title material, we don’t realize what is.

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