Mammals: a warm-blooded vertebrate creature of a class that is recognized by the ownership of hair or hide, females that discharge drain for the sustenance of the youthful, and (regularly) the introduction of live youthful.

Meaning of vertebrate for English Language Learners: a kind of creature that feeds drain to its young and that for the most part has hair or hide covering the majority of its skin

Meaning of warm blooded creature for Students: a warm-blooded creature (as a pooch, mouse, bear, whale, or person) with a spine that feeds its young with drain delivered by the mother and has skin generally pretty much secured with hair

Medicinal Definition of warm blooded creature: any of the higher vertebrate creatures including the class Mammalia

Late Examples of warm blooded animal from the Web

The vocalist and father of two had an entertaining holding minute with one of his half year old twins Wednesday, spitting water into the air in a great impersonation of the water-staying warm blooded animal.