History (from Greek ἱστορία, historia, signifying “request, information procured by investigation”) is the investigation of the past as it is portrayed in composed documents. Events happening before composed record are thought about ancient times. It is an umbrella term that identifies with past occasions and in addition the memory, revelation, gathering, association, introduction, and understanding of data about these occasions. Researchers who expound on history are called students of history.

History can likewise allude to the scholarly train which utilizes an account to look at and break down a grouping of past occasions, and impartially decide the examples of circumstances and end results that decide them. Historians some of the time banter the idea of history and its value by talking about the investigation of the teach as an end in itself and as a method for giving “point of view” on the issues of the present.

Stories basic to a specific culture, however not upheld by outer sources, (for example, the stories encompassing King Arthur), are generally named social legacy or legends, since they don’t demonstrate the “impartial examination” expected of the teach of history. Herodotus, a fifth century BC Greek student of history is considered inside the Western custom to be the “father of “, and, alongside his contemporary Thucydides, helped frame the establishments for the cutting edge investigation of mankind’s . Their works keep on being perused today, and the hole between the way of life centered Herodotus and the military-centered Thucydides remains a state of dispute or approach in current chronicled composing. In East Asia, a state account, the Spring and Autumn Annals was referred to be arranged from as ahead of schedule as 722 BC albeit just second century BC messages survived.