Animals and Birds

Animals and Birds Definition

a creature is an individual from the kingdom Animalia, and is regularly described by a multicellular body, specific sense organs, willful development, reactions to factors in nature and the capacity to obtain and process nourishment.


any of a kingdom (Animalia) of eukaryotes for the most part described by a multicellular body, the capacity to move rapidly and get sustenance, particular sense organs, and sexual multiplication

any such life form other than a person, esp. a well evolved creature or, regularly, any four-footed animal

a brutish, corrupted, or barbaric individual


a man, thing, idea, and so on thought of as a kind or sort: the present competitor is another creature out and out

Animals and Birds: Any of various multicellular eukaryotic life forms of the kingdom Metazoa (or Animalia) that ingest nourishment instead of assembling it themselves and are typically ready to move about amid in any event part of their life cycle. Wipes, jellyfishes, flatworms, mollusks, arthropods, and vertebrates are creatures.

A creature living being other than a human, particularly a well evolved creature.

A man who acts in an inhuman or brutish way.

A human considered as for his or her physical nature, rather than sound or profound nature.

Animals & Birds

Birds: a warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate creature recognized by the ownership of quills, wings, a mouth, and regularly by having the capacity to fly.