The Ant Prays For Rain

The Ant Prays For Rain

The Ant Prays For Rain: Once there was a major starvation in Palestine. It was amid the season of the Prophet, Prophet Sulaiman (King Solomon). He turned out with his kin and continued to an open place in the desert to appeal to God for the downpours to come. All of a sudden, he saw a subterranean insect remaining on its two legs, raising its hands up towards the sky and saying, “Gracious Allah! We are nevertheless little among all Thy animals. We can’t make due without Thy elegance. If you don’t mind give to us Thy sustenance and don’t rebuff us as a result of the transgressions of individuals. If it’s not too much trouble send down the downpours with the goal that trees can develop, ranches wind up green and grains end up accessible and we have our sustenance to eat.”

Prophet Sulaiman knew the dialect all things considered. He told his kin, “Let us go home. The supplication of this insect is sufficient.” It at that point rained intensely and all the land ended up green and profitable.

The insect is a canny animal. Amid warm days it gathers and stores grain inside the openings. It realizes that amid wet and chilly months, it would not have the capacity to go out to look for sustenance. For expect that grain may begin developing in light of wetness, it parts it into at least two pieces. On occasion, amid twilight evenings, it brings the split grains out of the stores for drying and safeguarding against rot.

The gaps under the ground are made precisely and secured with safe house to keep the rain water from getting inside the openings. The insect, not at all like alternate creatures, can lift a weight twice its own weight. It’s anything but an egotistical animal. At the point when a subterranean insect discovers some store of nourishment grains, it keeps running up to its gathering and takes its kindred ants to that place. It demonstrates everybody of them its own find of the store. They generally act in this way. They work and live in co-task with one another.

This shows how the subterranean insect functions for the gathering and how every one of them satisfies the requirements and job of its individual creatures. How disgraceful it is for a man, who has no respect for another man; who has no worry for his kindred individuals who could be keeping in light of the fact that from need of nourishment.

Once, while Prophet Sulaiman was voyaging together with hosts of men, jinn and winged animals, they achieved a valley of ants.

The Ant Prays For Rain

At the point when the head of these ants saw the pageantry and the magnificence with which Prophet Sulaiman and his friends were drawing closer toward it. He cautioned every one of the ants to get into their gaps or they got trampled and smashed unwittingly by the moving toward men and Jinn. Prophet Sulaiman grinned at this notice sounded by the ants’ boss, and requested his associates to hold up till the ants went inside their gaps. “None of us should sting any insect while ignoring their property”, he said.

It is said that Prophet Sulaiman tended to the head of the ants and stated: “How could my kin hurt you or your kindred ants when they are drifting through air! Don’t you realize that I am a flag-bearer of God and could never act unreasonably?” The head of the ants answered: “O Messenger of God! My forewarning the ants was not for any harmed that they would endure but rather to anticipate them getting off track and overlooking the brilliance of God in the wake of seeing your ceremony and show.”

There is a profound importance in this occasion. It demonstrates that even the most modest and littlest of animals has been invested with the important shrewdness to live securely and abstain from being harmed beyond what many would consider possible. It likewise appears, how even a little subterranean insect has the characteristic comprehension of the genuine position of Allah. It grants an exercise that one ought not overlook the genuine may and radiance of Allah when one encounters an incredible power and nobility of any animal in this world.

Accordingly an Ant is a standout amongst the most magnificent little animals in this world. Sura “Naml” (the Ant) in the Holy Qur’an is a section named after this animal. More than 1300 years back, Imam Ali (as) was giving a message in Kufa, in which he was portraying the delights of creation in different types of life. He was alluding to little animals and requesting that man contemplate how God made them so little yet so solid and solid. He portrayed the insect in these words:

‘Take a gander at a subterranean insect. How small is its body and how sensitive are its highlights! It is such a little animal, to the point that it regularly gets away from the eye, and few individuals care to append any significance to it among the living creatures found on this planet. Take a gander at it and concentrate its lifestyles; how it creeps, how it assaults its nourishment; how it lifts a grain so often heavier than its body, conveys it to its opening; how it stores grains; and how in summer it assembles and stocks sustenance for winter and blustery days.’

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