The Battle of Nahrwan

The Battle of Nahrwan

The Battle of Nahrwan

Location : Nahrawan located 12 miles from Basra, Iraq

When the battle was fought : first or eighth of Safar 37 A.H., January 657 AD for around about fourteen days.

Army of Imam Ali(a.s) : 65,000 men

Kharjites : 1,800 men

Losses : 12 from the armed force of Imam Ali(a.s) and all separated from a couple of men of the Kharjites

Background and Reason

This was a fight between Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) and the Kharijites.

After the inadmissible end to the Battle of Siffin, Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) came back with his armed force back to Kufa on the thirteenth of Safar 37 A.H. (~30 July 657 C.E.) During the walk, a gathering of 12,000 men avoided themselves as much as possible from the principle part of the armed force.

The gathering was incensed at the manner in which things had finished at Siffin. These were the Kharijites. They were similar individuals who had put down their weapons on the war zone. Presently they said that Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) had deceived Islam by consenting to the ceasefire and ought to have alluded judgment to the Quran alone or kept on battling. They requested that he atone for this awesome sin.

At the point when the armed force neared Kufa, the Kharijites stayed outdoors at a town named Harura. They began saying that all Muslims were equivalent and no one could run over the other. Along these lines, they reprimanded both Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) and Muawiyah and said that their conviction was in “La Hukma Illa Lillah”, signifying, “No Rulership aside from by Allah alone.”

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) sent Sa’sa’a ibn Sauhan and Ziyad ibn Nazr al-Harisi in the organization of Abdullah ibn Abbas towards them and a short time later himself went to the place of their remain and endeavored to disclose to them that they were misconception the words “La Hukma Illa Lillah”, and that in tolerating the mediation (peace talks) at Siffin, he had not conflicted with the lessons of the Quran.

He brought up that they themselves were to blame, since they ought to never have set out their arms and constrained him to get back to Malik al-Ashtar, who was at the purpose of anchoring triumph. He advised them that they had squeezed for the assertion and had constrained him to designate Abu Musa al-Ash’ari as their delegate. He disclosed to them that he discovered their present conduct exceptionally weird, thinking about their contribution in Siffin. To this they conceded that they had trespassed yet now they had atoned and he ought to do likewise. Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) answered that he was a genuine adherent and did not need to atone on the grounds that he had not submitted any wrongdoing and scattered them after dialog.

The Kharijites declined to acknowledge the expressions of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) and anticipated the choice of Amr canister al-Aas and Abu Musa al-Ash’ari. When they learnt of the choice they chose to revolt, and they set up their central command at Nahrawan, twelve miles from Baghdad. A few people originated from Basra to join the dissidents.

On the opposite side, subsequent to hearing the decision of Arbitration Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) ascended for battling the armed force of Syria and kept in touch with the Kharijites that the decision gone by the two authorities in compatibility of their heart’s desires rather than the Quran and Sunnah was not adequate to him, that he had in this manner chose to battle with them and they should bolster him for pounding the foe. In any case, the Kharijites gave him this answer, “When you had consented to Arbitration in our view you had turned apostate. Presently on the off chance that you concede your sin and offer apology we will thoroughly consider this issue and choose what we ought to do.” Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) comprehended from their answer that their defiance and misguidance had turned out to be intense. To engage any sort of expectation from them presently was purposeless. Therefore, overlooking them he stayed in the valley of al-Nukhaylah with a view to walking towards Syria to battle against Muawiyah.

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) had just begun towards Muawiyah when he got the news that they had butchered the legislative head of Nahrawan to be specific Abdullah ibn Khabbab ibn al-Aratt and his slave cleaning specialist with the youngster in her womb, and have slaughtered three ladies of Banu Tayyi and Umm Sinan as-Saydawiyyah. Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) sent al-Harith ibn Murrah al-Abdi for examination however he too was murdered by them. At the point when their disobedience achieved this stage it was important to manage them. There was a risk that the Kharijites may assault Kufa while Imam Ali(a.s) and his men were walking towards Muawiyah, so Imam Ali(a.s) chose to stop them. He changed his course eastbound, crossed the stream Tigris and moved toward Nahrawan.

On coming to there Imam Ali(a.s) sent a flag-bearer to the Kharijites requesting that those individuals who had killed pure Muslims around their camp ought to be surrendered. The Kharijites answered that they were all similarly in charge of executing these miscreants.

There was some hesitance in the armed force of Imam Ali(a.s) to battle the Kharijites, on the grounds that they had been their associates against Muawiyah at Siffin. Imam Ali(a.s) himself did not want the slaughter of these misinformed enthusiasts, so he sent Abu Ayyub al-Ansari with a message of peace. So he addressed them so anyone might hear, “Whoever goes under this pennant or isolates from that gathering and goes to Kufa or al-Mada’in would get absolution and he would not be addressed. Because of this Farwah ibn Nawfal al-Ashja’i said that he didn’t know why they were at war with Imam Ali(a.s). Saying this he isolated alongside five hundred men. So also a great many groups started to partitioned and some of them joined Imam Ali(a.s). At last, just centers of 1,800 stalwarts were left under the order of Abdullah ibn Wahab. These Kharijites swore that they would battle Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib(a.s) at any cost.

Nahjul Balagha – Sermon 36/Warning the general population of Nahrawan of their destiny:

The Battle of Nahrwan

“I am cautioning you that you will be slaughtered on the curve of this channel and on the level of this low region while you will have no reasonable reason before Allah nor any open expert with you. You have left your homes and afterward divine announcement caught you. I had prompted you against this discretion however you dismissed my recommendation like enemies and adversaries till I turned my thoughts toward your desires. You are a gathering whose heads are without mind and insight. May you have no dad! (Allah’s trouble be to you!) I have not placed you in any cataclysm nor wished you hurt.”

The Kharijites assaulted Imam Ali(a.s) armed force with urgent mettle. In any case, they didn’t stand a possibility against the prevalent armed force that confronted them and they were altogether executed aside from nine men. These nine figured out how to escape to Basra and somewhere else, where they spread the fire of their scorn and enlisted more adherents. From Imam Ali(a.s’) armed force endured just eight setbacks, individuals whom Ali’s devotees see as ‘saints’. The fight occurred on the ninth Safar, 38 A.H. After two years, in 40 A.H., it was the Kharijites who conveyed three professional killers to slaughter Imam Ali(a.s), Muawiyah and Amr al-Aas. The last two survived yet Imam Ali(a.s) was killed following ibn Muljim’s fearful assault in the mosque of Kufa.

Having discarded the Kharijites at Nahrawan, Imam Ali(a.s) continued his walk to Syria. In any case, the head of his supporters asked him to stop at Kufa to give the men a chance to rest before the long adventure and to empower the armed force to repair their weapons and shields. Imam Ali(a.s) consented to this demand and stayed outdoors at al-Nukhaylah outside Kufa. The warriors were permitted to leave the camp for multi day.

On the following day, scarcely any men returned and finally, Imam Ali(a.s) entered Kufa and gave a stern lesson to the general population. Nonetheless, no one approached lastly, Imam Ali(a.s) got some distance from them in disillusionment. The Syrian endeavor was relinquished, never to be continued

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