The Eleventh Imam Hassan Ibn Ali al Askari as

The Eleventh Imam Hassan Ibn Ali al Askari as

The Eleventh Imam Hassan Ibn Ali al Askari as: Born in Madina on the tenth of Rabiul Akhar 232 Hijri ( 6.12.846 AD) Died in Samarrah Iraq on eighth of Rabiul Awwal 260 Hijri (4.1.874) matured 28 years. Time of Imamate 6 years.

Samarra (Surre Mun Ra’) was an army town around 60 miles north of Baghdad. Stream Euphrates streams amidst the town, and in view of the encompassing slopes a cool wind keeps the zone cooler in contrast with Baghdad. The word ‘Asker’ in Arabic is utilized for armed force. Our eleventh Imam’s title ended up known as Askari, the person who carried on with for his entire life in an army town.

There is another story related with this name by numerous students of history. Once the Caliph called him in his castle and requested his armed force to walk past before him. The Caliph needed to gloat or to awe the Imam of his capacity or to discourage the Imam from any musings of upset against the Abbasid Caliphate.

At the point when the walk past was finished, Imam requested that the Caliph look between two of his fingers. What the Caliph saw was a gigantic armed force of lancers and swords men walking past, a substantially greater group than the Caliphs armed force. He was flabbergasted at this marvel and named him Askari, i.e. the man with a major armed force.

Imam Hassan al Askari’s (as) life from adolescence to adulthood was spent in this house where his dad Imam ‘Ali Naqi (as) was to stay under house capture. Be that as it may, in spite of this nearby watch on the Imam, he directed his obligations as Imam from inside the house.

He showed individuals Qur’an and educated his devotees the genuine lessons of Islam as instructed by the Prophet of Islam and his Ahlul Bayt. Actually Imam Hassan al-Askari composed an entire Tafseer of the Qur’an which was specified by numerous researchers, students of history and exegetes, including Kulaini and Saduq.

Imam’s life in Samarrah was not in peace even under house capture. Now and again he was taken to Baghdad, addressed and put in jail there. On one such event, the Imam was taken by the Turkish gatekeepers to Baghdad where he was kept in jail amid the short rule of the Caliph al-Muktadi and al-Mu’tamid a while later.

While he was a detainee in Baghdad there was an extreme draft. Rain had not succumbed to some time and yields were becoming scarce. Individuals were confronting a starvation. They didn’t comprehend what to do. A Christian minister acted the hero. He lifted his hands in petition and rain fell. The Caliph wound up concerned keeping in mind that thus individuals would spurn Islam and move toward becoming Christians.

At the point when the Imam was counseled, he said that when individuals gathered to see the alleged supernatural occurrence performed by the Christian cleric, he would expel their questions. The Imam was permitted to leave the jail to go where the group gathered to see the wonder performed by the minister.

Imam remained there with the group and when the minister raised his hands for petition and rain started to fall, Imam let one know of his friends to grab the hands of the cleric and get the bit of bone concealed his hands.

At the point when this bone was brought before the Imam, he said that it was the bone of a Prophet of God. It was the impact of this sacred bone when lifted in petitions to God that conveyed God’s kindness and conveyed rain to the land. Along these lines the Imam lifted the questions from the brains of the general population. After this the Imam himself spread his petition tangle and performed two Rak’ats of supplications at that point lifted his exposed hands to God for rain to go to the land and wipe out the draft.

The Imam’s petitions were heard by the Almighty and rain fell so much that the land wound up ripe again and yields started to develop. (Kulaini, Akhbarus Alam)In acknowledgment of this administration the Imam was permitted to leave the jail in Baghdad and live in his home in Samarrah, still under house capture. He was still not permitted to go to Madina.

A nitty gritty record of the marriage of Imam Hassan al-Askari (as) was told by Majlisi in Biharul Anwar. His dad Imam ‘Ali Naqi (as) endowed this critical issue to his companion Bashir ibn Sulaiman. First the Imam composed a letter in the content of ‘Rum’ and fixed it with his own honorable seal. He set the letter in a red tote, with 220 Dinars and after that said to his companion, “Take this letter and go to Baghdad. Go to the ship at the River Tigris when the water crafts from Syria are being emptied. Pay special mind to the ship proprietor whose name is Amr.

See when he displays a slave young lady who might be with two silk articles of clothing and a shroud to shield her from being seen or taken care of by the purchasers. You will listen to her bring in the dialect of ‘Rum’, ‘regardless of whether you have the riches and greatness of Solomon the child of David, I can never have friendship for you, so take mind keeping in mind that you squander your cash in obtaining me.’

Also, if a purchaser approaches her, she will state, ‘ Cursed be the man who uncovers my eyebrow’ Her proprietor will then challenge, ‘However what plan of action have I, I am constrained to offer you? You will then hear the slave reply, ‘ Why this flurry, let me pick my buyer, that my heart may acknowledge him in certainty and appreciation.’

” You are to go then O Bashir, and tell the merchant Amr that you have a letter written in the content of Rum by a specific aristocrat, and that this letter demonstrates his consideration, gratefulness and benevolence. You should give this letter to the slave young lady to peruse, that she may consent to be purchased by the man who has passed this letter to you.

Bashir revealed later, ” When I completed these directions and the young lady got the letter, she started to cry as she read the letter. At that point she said to Amr, ” Sell me to the author of this letter, for on the off chance that you decline I would unquestionably be exceptionally troubled and you will never have the capacity to pitch me to any other individual.” I thusly talked over the cost with Amr, until the point when we conceded to the 220 Dinars my lord had given me. When I paid the cash, and got the young lady.

She accompanied me without dissent. Indeed she was grinning and looking exceptionally satisfied. In her fervor she took the letter from the Imam ‘Ali Naqi (as) from her pocket and kissed it, put it on her eyes and after that set it back into her pocket. I revealed to her I was flabbergasted that she should act along these lines when up ’til now she didn’t know the essayist. She replied, “May the relative of the Prophet dissipate your questions.” Afterwards she gave me the accompanying record of herself.

” I am a princess, the granddaughter of the Emperor of Rum. My mom was a relative of the devotee Simon, the vicegerent of Jesus. My granddad the Emperor was on edge to wed me to his nephew. I was 15 years of age. At his palace he accumulated an awesome get together, including 300 priests and loners, 700 of the honorability and 4000 of the authorities of the armed force.

I had an exceptional position of royalty made for me where I sat with the man I was going to marry. Christian ministers were prepared to pay us respect. They opened the Injil (Bible), and promptly every one of the pictures around us tumbled to the ground and broke. My cousin likewise tumbled down on the ground and blacked out.

All the colossal authorities were overwhelmed with fear and said,” O’ ruler, save us from seeing this disastrous day, for this kind of thing is a proof of the decay and vanishing of the Christian religion as we probably am aware it.” At this my granddad was extremely irate and he requested that all pictures ought to be brought back and put in their places.

By and by they all tumbled down and an awesome tempest blew the lights all around. Right now event individuals were panicked and left the get together lobby. My granddad fell himself and the entire event was dropped for some other day.

The Eleventh Imam Hassan Ibn Ali al Askari as

One night after this I saw a fantasy, in which Jesus showed up with his followers at the royal residence where the honored position was raised. Their they assembled a lectern of light, and observe, Muhammad, peace arrive, and his wasi ‘Ali (as) and all his lifted up relatives came into the royal residence. Jesus went ahead to grasp Muhammad,(S) who stated, O’Spirit of God, I have come to look for the girl of your Wasi Simon for my child Hassan al-Askari.”

Jesus (as) looked to Simon who was with him and stated, ” Nobility and eminence has come to you in this opportunity to join benevolence with that of the group of Muhammad (S).” To this Simon consented and every one of them consented to the platform of Light while Muhammad (S) led the wedding administration. After the fantasy, when I woke up I was apprehensive and challenged not rehash the story to my dad or my siblings for expect that they would slaughter me.

While I kept the mystery, love of Hassan al-Askari discovered its place in my heart and obliged me to surrender drinking wine and I would not like to eat. Because of not eating I became thin and turned out to be sick. All conceivable treatment was accessible for me however without progress. At last my dad let me know, ” O’you who have seen a light, reveal to me what isn’t right with me.

The entryways of delight are shut for me. A voice answered, ” in the event that you set a portion of your detainees free, it is conceivable that Jesus and his mom may encourage you.” I told my dad of this fantasy and asked for that a portion of the detainees ought to be without set. My dad allowed my demand, and after that I took sustenance and could rest easy.

A few days passed and I had another vision, when Fatima the little girl of the Prophet and Mariam, the mother of Jesus came to me and clarified that Hassan al-Askari couldn’t come to me except if I ought to wind up a Muslim and pronounce, that there no God yet One God and Muhammad is the last witness of God. This I acknowledged and after that I saw Hassan al-Askari in my vision.”

In any case, how could you come to fall among the detainees? asked Bashir. She answered, ” Hassan al-Askari revealed to me that my dad was intending to send an armed force against the Muslims and that I should camouflage myself and a portion of my ladies hirelings and orchestrate to oblige the armed force. I did this and after a short time a portion of the Muslim armed force protects caught us, and now you perceive how everything turned out.”

Bashir related that when they achieved Samarrah he went to the Imam ‘Ali Naqi (as) who got the gathering readily. The Imam inquired as to whether he should give her Ten Thousand Dinars or a touch of uplifting news. When she picked the last mentioned, he educated her that she was to be given to his child Hassan al-Askari as she has found in her fantasies and that she was to be the mother of the person who was to make equity rule upon the earth. She was then dedicated to ‘Ali Naqi’s sister Hakima who was to take care of her.

Such is the record of the wedding of Hassan al-Askari to Nargis Khatoon as Majlisi recorded it in such detail in Bihar-al-Anwar.(The same record was found in Shaikh Tusi’s book ) A couple of days after the fact the wedding occurred between Imam Hassan al-Askari and Nargis Khatoon, the granddaughter of the Emperor of Rum.

Imam Hassan al-Askari (as) carried on with a short life, just Twenty Eight years and in this short life he needed to bear awesome sufferings by the hands of the Abbasid caliphs. In any case, despite all that anguish and constrainment under house capture in Samarrah, numerous understudies of Islam profited from his God skilled learning and later progressed toward becoming researchers in their fields.

He examined with freethinkers of that age commonly about the presence of God and the explanations behind the need of the Prophets and Imams and numerous nonbelievers altered their opinions and changed over to Islam. One of those was Ishaq al-kindi who was composing a book about inconsistencies in Qur’an. Imam welcomed a portion of his understudies and showed them exercises from the Qur’an.

These understudies of Al-kindi stood up to their instructor and rejected his contentions about the logical inconsistencies in the Holy Book. Al-Kindi understood that these contentions couldn’t have originated from the brains of these youthful understudies. He got some information about the mystery of their broad learning of the Qur’an. At last they admitted that Imam Hassan al-Askari showed them.

Kindi himself turned into the devotee of our Imam, consumed his own particular works on agnosticism and later composed numerous treatises on Islam.

Imam Hassan al-Askari (as) likewise directed numerous Traditions of the Holy Prophet and recorded numerous clarifications of the stanzas of the Holy Qur’an.

One of the acclaimed conventions individuals learnt from Imam Hassan al-Askari was, ” The wine consumer resembles a misguided worshiper.” Ibn al Jawzi in his book “Tehrim al Khamr” said this custom from the Imam from the most dependable storytellers of Hadith.

History specialists have noted numerous names of the Imam’s understudies who progressed toward becoming researchers of their opportunity

One of the well known understudies of the Imam was Abu ‘Ali al-Hassan ibn Khalid who arranged an editorial of the Holy Qur’an which ought to be viewed as crafted by the Imam himself. The Imam used to manage its substance to Abu ‘Ali who continued composition the editorial. Researchers showed that the book comprised of 1920 pages.

Despite the way that the Imahad never given any reason for worry to the Caliphs of his opportunity, their blame in this issue was great to the point that they didn’t leave these devout identities in peace. In the event that they had no dread of their honored position they feared the perfection and information of the Imams.

On account of Imam Hassan al-Askari, a similar kind of desire prompted the harming of the Imam to end this life of a holy person whose exclusive action was to show Qur’an as the Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt instructed before him.

Amid the administer of Al-Mu’tamid poison was given to the Imam blended in some foods grown from the ground passed on eighth Rabi-al-Awwal 260 Hijri. He cleared out just a single child, whose name was Muhammad who was just five years of age when his dad passed on.

The Caliph Al-Mu’tamid himself went to the burial service supplication. When they all arranged and were prepared to start the supplications, Imam Hassan al-Askari’s sibling Jaafar remained before the general population to lead the petition. Before he could start the petition, a multi year old kid left the house, went close to his uncle.

Shook his mantle and let him know, “put aside uncle, just an Imam can lead the burial service supplication of an Imam”. His uncle Jaafar moved to one side and this multi year old kid lead the supplications. Promptly after the finish of the petition he went inside his home and was not seen by his followers, driven by the caliph Mu’tamid himself.

Our Eleventh Imam was covered in a similar house where he had kicked the bucket, by the side of his dad Imam ‘Ali Naqi (as) . By the progression of time, the place was changed into an incredible sepulcher and explorers from everywhere throughout the Islamic terrains came to pay their respect to the two Imams of Ahlul Bayt who were covered there.

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