The Second Imam al Hassan as

The Second Imam al Hassan as

The Second Imam al Hassan as: Born in Madina fifteenth Ramadan third year of Hijri. Senior child of ‘Ali and Fatima, grandson of the Prophet of Islam. When he was conceived and the news of the introduction of a grandson was passed on to the Holy Prophet he went to the place of Fatima, grabbed hold of the infant in his arms, said Azan and Iqamah in his ears and stated, this is a wonderful kid, I name him Hasan.

He will protect Islam and Muslims from the hands of its destroyers. History specialists take note of that this youngster resembled his granddad the Holy Prophet in looks and in conduct.

Under the favored shadow of the Holy Prophet Hasan was getting his preparation from the most honored guardians on earth. Going to the mosque of the Prophet, tuning in to the Sermons of his granddad and seeing Islam thrive was the exercise one can always remember.

At whatever point he went to the mosque, the Holy Prophet would lift him up, would give him a chance to sit alongside him and let the mindful allies see and view who this kid was. They every single adored hello there nearness in the mosque and watched over him.

Time before long passed and Hasan (as) was not really 8 years of age when his granddad kicked the bucket and not long after his mom likewise passed on. The following 25 long periods of his life in Madina was with his dad ‘Ali (as) and with his more youthful sibling Hussain (as).

This was the period in which victories of numerous grounds occurred and the city of Madina and its kin succeeded. His dad or any individual from the group of the Prophet did not grasp any submit these triumphs. They stayed reserved yet not from the developing Muslim society. Their fundamental point was to educate and set up this youngster into a develop Muslim society for harder occasions ahead.

Riches was pouring in from the victories of Egypt and Persia and numerous associates of the Prophet did not realize what to do with it or how to spend it appropriately. Numerous partners constructed expansive houses for themselves with stables and hirelings. What ‘Ali (as) and his family did was to shape a Trust and whatever offer of flourishing came to them they place all into this Trust.

It is through this Trust the individuals who did not have much to pick up from this success were given to have a good life. The two offspring of ‘Ali (just like) the Trustees of this blessed trust and with the assistance of numerous senior friends of the Holy Prophet the workings of this trust succeeded and numerous new changes over were settled themselves in this new society.

Each night sustenance was served to a significant number of the individuals who were not in a situation to accommodate themselves. While the group of ‘Ali (as) lived in little house and with no pageantry or extravagance for themselves. This was the illustration they were setting for all to see and take after that notwithstanding when you have turned out to be rich you share your bounties with other Muslim siblings and sisters to make the general public similarly prosperous and glad.

In these 25 years Hasan (as) has seen the Islamic State develop into a considerably bigger and all the more ground-breaking Muslim country. After the demise of the third Caliph Osman his dad ‘Ali (as) was chosen caliph by a well known vote of the associates of the Holy Prophet. Be that as it may, soon there developed the individuals who needed a great deal of support from ‘Ali (as) and when they didn’t get it they remained against him.

The clash of Jamal was battled and won by ‘Ali (as) and the capital of the Muslim state was expelled from Madinah to Kufa. Kufa was built up amid the rule of the second caliph as an army town and was substantially more integral to the limitlessly developing Muslim Empire than Madinah. This was an extremely judicious move to give a superior control over all edges of this developing Muslim state which extended from North Africa in the West, to Persia and Azerbaijan in the East.

‘Ali (as) has designated his own particular dependable Governors of the regions yet none of them from his own particular family. Every one of his youngsters remained with him at the middle or in Madinah to control the Trust he had shaped before or to participate in the skirmishes of Jamal, Siffin and Nahrwan battled amid the life of the Khilafat of ‘Ali (as) Hasan (as) partook with his dad in every one of these fights and demonstrated the standard Hashemite boldness and ability in vanquishing the foe.

In these fights the genuine foe of ‘Ali (as) and his family was Moawiya ibne Abu Sofian who tested ‘Ali’s power and battled with him to remain the representative and later the leader of the area of Syria.

His monstrosities against the govern of ‘Ali (as) proceeded even after the close thrashing at Siffin. After the suffering of ‘Ali (as) in the mosque of Kufa in 41 Hijri and the decision of Hasan (as) as the following caliph was a thistle in the core of Moawiya.

His purposeful publicity machine against the House of ‘Ali (as) , in actuality against Islam, started its work decisively. Huge wholes of cash and deceitful guarantees of tremendous properties and governorships of territories were given to numerous commandants of Hasan’s (as) armed force who abandoned and left Hasan (as) absent much power.

One striking component one must recall when perusing about the lives of these Ma’sumeen that they never battled for securing of common power. It was consequently the sign of Imam Hasan ‘s (as) life that making peace was his offer in indistinguishable way from the Prophet of Islam did in Hodaibiya. Some disastrous sidekicks of the Prophet questioned even him of his astuteness to make peace to which the Prophet answered,” he was the dispatcher of God and his guidelines dependably originate from God.”

At the point when individuals in Madinah couldn’t help contradicting Imam Hasan’s state of mind and scrutinized his insight he answered that his activities were like that of Prophet Khidhr who acted to save money on three events the lives and property of Orphans and numerous devotees of God. Indeed, even Prophet Musa was not able understand the astuteness of those activities until the point when this was disclosed to him.

As the custom reveals to us that” in the blood of saints lays the ink of history “and frequently overwhelmed by the gallant quality of their penances, we overlook the numerous events when the more noteworthy Jihad has lain along the way of peace than war.

His encounter with Moawiya requested a bargain instead of blood and Imam’s triumph lay in that arrangement and in the safeguarding of those unwavering Muslims whose unexpected passing fighting around then would have doused the light of Islam unique.

It was the life of Imam Hasan (as) that made ready for his more youthful sibling’s magnificent stand. They were opposite sides of a similar coin, one on living the Jihad of peace and the other the Jihad of affliction.

Both showcased their ways completely, bearing the flag of their favored granddad, in uncompromising barrier of Right and willfully ignorant of underhandedness. They cheerfully lauded their maker in bliss and in affliction, submitting to His Divine laws and leaving for us a case of right conduct both in peace and in war.

Here were two siblings who from their support inhaled the demeanor of unadulterated soul of Islam, sustained by the affection for the Prophet in whose nearby organization they spent their initial years. It was the Holy Prophet who said that both “Hasan and Husayn are the head of the young of heaven”.

A few customs from his mom and from Umme Salemah, the spouse of the Prophet, obviously show that Imam Hasan (as) was one of those five who were incorporated into the Verse of refinement (33-33)” Certainly Allah needs to ward off all horrifying presence from you, individuals from the house, to keep you unadulterated and immaculate.”

The Prophet at that point secured them with a piece of clothing and said,” these are the individuals from my home. Allah, fend off detestation from them and keep them unadulterated and unblemished.” It was likewise amid the event of Mubahela that the Prophet took these five with him to demonstrate the world who were the individuals from his family unit (Ahlul Bayt).

It is accounted for on the specialist of Anas receptacle Malik that nobody was more similar to the Prophet of God than Al-Hasan canister ‘Ali. (as)

The Treaty settled upon amongst Moawiya and Imam Hasan (as) discloses to us the accompanying striking focuses:

  1. That Moawiya should administer entirely as per the Holy Qur’an and the Sunna of the Prophet.
  2. That Moawiya ought not select or name anybody to the Khilafat after him however that the decision ought to be left to the Muslims.
  3. That the general population ought to be left in peace, wherever they are in the place where there is God.
  4. That the mistreatment of the partners of Imam ‘Ali (as) ought to instantly be halted; their lives and properties and families ensured safe direct and peace.
  5. That the reviling of Imam ‘Ali (as) from the podium should stop quickly.
  6. That no damage ought to be done subtly or transparently against Imam Hasan and his sibling Imam Husayn or any of the Ahlul Bayt. (as)

This assention finished up, Imam Hasan (as) went to Kufa, in a matter of seconds taken after by Moawiya who came there to take the steadfastness of the general population. In a discourse conveyed before Moawaiya, Imam Hasan (as) clarified the circumstance obviously:

“O’People, Allah has guided you through our seniors (Muhammad and ‘Ali) and saved you from gore through the individuals who took after (alluding to himself). In reality this (the Khilafat) is only a passing stage, these common belonging continue moving and evolving hands.”

For see that Moawiya wanted the sway in this world, so Imam Hasan’s worry was not with common administration for its own particular purpose, but rather as a device whereby he may manage the general population towards God and His actual instructions.

After his relinquishment he resigned to Madinah where he put in the staying ten long stretches of his life educating the Qur’an and learning of genuine Deen to all searchers of truth that came to him. Imam Hasan (as) had never surrendered the situation of an Imam and guide as named by God.

History discloses to us that from the very first moment Moawiya did not consent to any of the terms of the bargain settled upon amongst him and Imam Hasan (as) He stomped the arrangement under his feet saying to the general population of Kufa,”do you think I have taken capacity to show you about Islam.

No, I have taken power for it and if any of you attempts to differ with me will pay an exorbitant cost of losing his head.(Tarikul Kholafa, Jalaluddin Soyuti)

Moawiya did his aspiration of keeping the power in his family by choosing his child Yazid after him as the leader of the Kingdom. This requested Imam Hasan (as) ought to predecease him, an improbable occasion thinking about their error in their ages.

Thus Moawiya paid off Ju’da bint Ash’ath, to harm him in 50 Hijri. Imam kicked the bucket with the impact of harming on 28th of the long stretch of Safar. He was 47 years of age.

In his last will and confirmation Imam asked his sibling Imam Husayn (as) to take his body to the grave of their granddad the Prophet of Islam and afterward cover him by the side of the grave of his mom Fatima (sa) in Jannatul Baqii, for he realized that individuals who are against the group of the Prophet would not give him a chance to cover by the side of his granddad.

Imam knew about the hostility of the Banu Umayya with the Prophet and his family. He didn’t want to have any debate or battle about his internment. Be that as it may, tragically when the body of the Imam was taken towards the grave of the Holy Prophet in the mosque, a similar foe about whom Imam had cautioned, turned out and kept the grievers to achieve the grave of the Prophet.

At the point when Imam Husayn (as) understood that on the off chance that he demands taking the body of his sibling closer the grave of the Prophet there will be slaughter, he ceased from it and took him away and covered him in Jannatul Baqii alongside the grave of his mom.

Imam Hasan’s (as) 3 children, Qasim, Abdullah and Hasan-e-Muthanna, were in Karbala’ and partook in the Jihad with their uncle Imam Husayn (as). Qasim and Abdullah kicked the bucket of their injuries however Hasan-e-Muthanna survived. He was among the injured and was taken out alive by the Banu Asad Tribesmen. They treated his injuries and once he was better he returned back to Madinah.

It gives the idea that he remained with the Banu Asad for over a year and when the group of the Prophet were discharged from imprisonment and came back to Karbala’ he joined the troop and came back with them to Madinah after the Arabeen in the year 62 Hijri. He was around 17 years of age around then. Afterward, he wedded Imam Husayn ‘s (as) little girl Fatima Sughra. It is from this marriage that the relatives oImam Hasan (as) take their line in the family tree.

Hasan-e-Muthanna’s child Abdullah had four children, Muhammad Nafse Zakiyya, Ibrahim ,Sulaiman and Idris. Nafse Zakiyya ascended against Mansur the second Abbasid Caliph and got suffering, in the year 142 Hijri, 762 AD. Ibrahim battled Mansur in Baghdad and was martyred. This was in 143 Hijri 763 AD(See Hitti,History of the Arabs) Two other awesome grandsons of Imam Hasan, Sulaiman and Idris relocated to Iran and Tunisia separately.

Descendents of Imam Hasan from Idris prospered in North Africa and acquired Islam the Maghrib. From Sulaiman, who settled in Kirman, a significant number of his descendents spread Islam in Persia and some of them later moved to India. The author of this book is additionally one of the descendents of Imam Hasan (as) from the line through Sulaiman.

Imam Hasan’s (as) life was one of hardship and preliminary. like the lives of his granddad tProphet of Islam, his dad ‘Ali (as) , his mom Fatima (sa) and numerous individuals from the Ahlul Bayt after him. Life is a test as Qur’an lets us know. For some,the challenges of life make him presumptuous or rationalist yet not the general population of the family unit of the Prophet.

They persevered through a wide range of hardships with because of God constantly. He saw his mom ruthlessly harmed and kicked the bucket at an early age. He saw his dad martyred in the mosque of Kufa. He saw the general population who had been given the reasonable signs from his granddad, desert the” Deen” for riches and influence. He saw his own supporters betray him.

However his withering solicitation to his sibling was not to have any fight about his internment. His life is a sign and an update that for the general population of the Household of the Prophet there will be misfortune however they take all in entire accommodation to God and His decrees.

A well known saying of Imam Hasan is “concerning the world be as though you would live until the end of time. Regarding the Hereafter, be as though you would kick the bucket tomorrow.”

This is an encouragement to activity, care and consideration and evasion of carelessness and lack of interest, regardless of whether it is in regard of crafted by this world or the Hereafter. This further affirms the expression of the Holy Prophet who stated, “The Momin is a man who goes to the issues of this world and in addition of the Hereafter in the absolute best way,”

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