The Twelfth Imam Muhammad Ibn al Hassan Al Mahdi Sahibuz Zaman as

The Twelfth Imam Muhammad Ibn al Hassan Al Mahdi Sahibuz Zaman as

The Twelfth Imam Muhammad Ibn al Hassan Al Mahdi Sahibuz Zaman as (The hidden Imam who is expected to return)

“The world won’t reach an end,” said the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), ” until a man from my family (Ahlul Bayt) and of my name will be ace of the world, When you see a green ensign originating from the heading of Khorasan, at that point go along with them, for the Imam of God will be with the guidelines will’s identity called al-Mahdi.”

“The Mahdi will be plummeted from me, he will take care of business with an open face and a face with a high nose. He will fill the earth with value and with equity, similarly as it has been loaded up with oppression and abuse.” (Biharul Anwar, Majlisi)

Imam Muhammad Abul Qasim (al Mahdi) (as) , the toward the end in the line of the Twelve Ithna Ashari Imams was conceived on fifteenth Shaban 255 Hijri in Samarra, Iraq. His dad was the Eleventh Imam Hassan al-Askari (as) and his mom was Nargis Khatoon, granddaughter of the Emperor of Rum.

It was eighth Rabiul Awwal 260 Hijri when our Twelfth Imam drove the burial service supplication of his dad Imam Hassan al-Askari (as) . He was just Five years of age, yet the entire horde of Muslims including the Abbasid caliph of that time Al-Mu’tamid took after the youthful Imam beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Once the petitions were finished and the Imam went inside the house, that the Caliph understood the full ramifications and hugeness of the event and he promptly requested his warriors to go into the house and scan for the youthful Imam.

They didn’t locate any one inside the house. The Caliph was exceptionally furious at this inadequacy of pastors and different authorities who were not able discover a kid of five who had quite recently driven the supplications and had recently vanished. The caliph had no suspicion of the insider facts that God did not have any desire to uncover. He returned to his royal residence and into the rich existence of a playboy lord while his general surroundings crushed his realm into insensibility.

The Imam’s time of lesser disguise started instantly after he drove the memorial service petitions and vanished inside the house. This was in the year 260 Hijri.

The regulation of ‘Ghaiba’ or camouflage, pronounces just that the Imam has been pulled back by God from the eyes of individuals, that his life has been marvelously drawn out, that he has been seen every once in a while, has been in correspondence with others, and has kept up a control over the direction of the adherents and the devotees and the wellbeing of Islam from its foes.

In the accompanying couple of pages we will endeavor to bring some confirmation from the Qur’an and the legitimate Hadith of the Prophet to demonstrate the point to intrigued perusers.

This is a fundamental conviction that Imam Muhammad al-Mahdi (as) Sahibuz zaman, is alive and guide’s his supporters at whatever point such need emerges. This depends on the sections of the Holy Qur’an that express Divine Guidance through the Prophets and Imams.

The Twelfth Imam Muhammad Ibn al Hassan Al Mahdi Sahibuz Zaman as

“Also, among those whom we have made are a people who control others with truth, and in understanding therewith act legitimately.” (7:180)

“We will test you with something of dread and appetite, some misfortune in merchandise or lives or the organic products (of your drudge), however give happy news to the individuals who calmly continue on” (2:155)

An incredible Hanafi researcher Muhammad ibn Muslim refers to Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (as) clarifying the importance of the above Verse. Imam showed that there would be signs demonstrating the coming (return) of al-Mahdi (as) which are the methods whereby God tests the devoted.

“Something of dread” is a reference to masses dying by infectious maladies; “hunger” is a reference to high costs of foodstuffs; “Some misfortune in products” is a reference to shortage and starvations; “Lives” is a reference to mass annihilation of human lives, likely worldwide wars; “Organic products” is a reference to extensive times of drafts; so when all that happens, at that point give happy news to the individuals who quietly continue on.”

“This is its translation,” proceeded with the Imam , citing Verse 7 of Sura 3, which shows that “lone the individuals who are solidly grounded in information are fit for deciphering the refrains of the Holy Qur’an”, including, ” We the Ahlul Bayt are the ones immovably grounded in learning”.

In the book “Yanabi al Muaddah”, the Hanafi researcher and Mufti of Istanbul amid the Osmani Caliphate in Turkey composes on page 321, citing Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (as) translating Verse 83, Sura III of the Holy Qur’an remarks as takes after:-

“At the point when the Qa’im al-Mahdi returns, there will be no arrive on earth where the Kalima isn’t said. “This could be a reference to the way that when al-Mahdi returns, all mainlands of the world will have Muslim populaces. They as of now do now.

In the wake of showing the above verifications from the Qur’an, the accompanying are bona fide customs from the Prophet of God in regards to Imam Mahdi (as) .

Toward the finish of Vol.2 of Fara’idh al-simtain and on page 269 Ibn Khaldun’s ‘Mukaddimah’ , it is connected from Ibn Abbas, that the Holy Prophet stated, ” ‘Ali is Imam of my country and my successor in that after me, and among his posterity is the anticipated Qa’im who will fill the world with equity and value as it was loaded up with foul play and persecution.

The Prophet additionally expounds, ” be careful with questioning, for to question the request of God, the Mighty, the Sublime, is renunciation (Kufr). Ibn Khaldun likewise expresses that ” When detained with his mom in the house, he entered a kind of well or pit in the house that his family possesses at Samarrah, Iraq, and there he vanished, yet he is to approach toward the finish of the age to fill the earth with equity”.

Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti cites in his book Jalalul-Oyun Vol.6 page 50. ” The Hour will not come till Al-Mahdi assumes responsibility on earth for my benefit,” said the Messenger of God. Allama Suytu likewise cites Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal that acclaimed friend Abu Said Khadhri citing the Messenger of God saying, “I bring you happy greetings of al-Mahdi, God will send him to my country, in a period not the same as your own, and after a progression of seismic tremors, and he will fill the earth with equity and value as it was loaded up with unfairness and persecution.

He will disperse the riches fairly among the tenants of the earth. In the manual in which he puts forward the numerous obligations and benefits of travelers, Majlisi has given an acknowledged frame for a short letter in Arabic, which anybody can compose, and sent to his Imam of the age.

It might be put on the tomb of any of the Imams, or it might be secured and fixed, and secured with clean earth and cast into the ocean or waterway or a profound well. Regardless it will achieve the Hidden Imam and he will give his own consideration.

There is a well known saying of Imam Hussain (as) about the twelfth Imam. “The Ninth of my relatives is the Imam who will ascend with the Truth. God will allow life to earth through him after its demise. The genuine confidence will supersede all religions through him.

His nonappearance will be protracted amid which numerous individuals will wander off-track. Just a couple will stay on the Right Path. They will endure torments, individuals will put weight on them, saying,” let us know when this guarantee of the Return of the Mahdi is satisfied”. The individuals who will bear the torments and dissents calmly will get indistinguishable prizes from the individuals who went with the Prophet amid his undertakings for Jihad.”

Imam Zainul Abedeen (as) has stated, ” Of us one will be conceived whose birth will stay mystery to such an extent that the general population will state that he was not conceived by any means.”

Imam Muhammad al Baqir (as) is cited by Kulaini in Al-Kafi, ” Nine Imams after Hussain are predetermined, the remainder of them will be al-Qaim.”

Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (as) is cited in Ilal al-shara’i saying, ” The fifth of the relatives of my child Musa will be the Qa’im a relative of the Prophet (S).

Imam Musa ibn Ja’far (as) was asked once, ” Are the Qa’im with reality?” The Imam answered, ” I additionally rise honestly, however the genuine Qa’im is he who will expel the adversaries of God from earth and will fill it with equity. He will be my fifth relative. His nonappearance will be protracted amid which hoards will get some distance from the confidence while just a couple will maintain it”.

Imam ‘Ali al-Raza’ (as) in the above saying of Imam Husayn (as) that due to the over the top the length of the disguise of the twelfth Imam numerous adherents will have questions about his reality. Many will scrutinize the specific life span of his life and the value of his essence as an Imam. Raza’ stated, “O Da’bil, my child Muhammad (as) will come when I am no more.

After him, his extraordinary grandson will be named Muhammad (as) will’s identity the Qa’im. He will be anticipated amid his nonappearance. When he shows up, the world will bow down before him.”

Imam Muhammad Taqi (as) has said ” The Qa’im will be from among us the third of my relatives”.

Imam ‘Ali Naqi (as) stated, ” My successor will be my child Hassan; yet what will be your condition amid the rule of Hassan’s successor”? The individuals who were available asked, “Why, what do you mean by that”?

Imam answered, “you won’t have the opportunity to see him, later you won’t be permitted to say his name”. At that point the Imam was asked with respect to how they should say him. Imam answered, ” You may state that he is the remainder of Muhammad’s (dependable) relatives. ”

A few people asked Imam Hassan al-Askari (as) , ” your progenitors have said that the earth could never be without knowing the indication of Allah (Hujjatullah) till Doomsday, and he who kicks the bucket without knowing the Imam of his chance will bite the dust the passing of numbness”. Imam answered, ” That was as valid as the sparkling day.

They asked concerning who might be the Imam who might be the indication of the Mercy of God after his demise, Imam answered, ” He will be my child, the namesake of the Holy Prophet (Muhammad Abul Qasim). He who kicked the bucket without knowing him will pass on the demise of numbness.

His nonattendance will be lengthy to the point that the unmindful will meander bewildered and would without a doubt stray from the Right Path. Be that as it may, the Righteous will stay enduring and petition God for their Imam to show up inside their life time”.

Every one of these forecasts were recorded since the season of the Holy Prophet who himself forecasted the coming of the Mahdi. (Read this Hadith in the narrative of the fifth Imam).

As in the above saying of Imam Hussain (as) that because of the over the top length of the disguise of the twelfth Imam numerous adherents will have questions about his reality. Many will scrutinize the plain life span of his life and the handiness of his essence as an Imam.

To the topic of presence, we have seen over the numerous Verses from the Qur’an and Hadith of the Prophet and all the Eleven Imams. We have likewise perused citations from the Books of Ahlul Sunna wal Jama’a and numerous researchers and scholars from the most punctual occasions to the present.

To the extent the life span of his life, in Qur’anic terms it isn’t hard to clarify. Prophet Jesus is alive and will turn out with the twelfth Imam. Prophet Sheeth and Prophet Khidhr are as yet alive as indicated by the Verdict of the Qur’an. In the event that God keeps his guided ones alive for a specific reason there ought not be any uncertainty.

With respect to the helpfulness of his covered presence, there are various events when the Imam inexplicably helped the individuals who called him for help.

Amid the time of Ghaibate Sughra (the time of lesser camouflage) from the season of the demise of his dad Imam Hassan al-Askari (as) in the year 260 Hijri, our twelfth Imam was seen just by a couple of individuals who were selected his diplomats (Safeer) on his sake to pass on his lessons to the devotees. These Four Ambassadors were as per the following:

  1. Abu Amr Uthman ibn Sa’id al Asadi. He was a representative of tenth Imam ‘Ali Naqi (as) and after his passing, of the eleventh Imam Hassan al-Askari (as) and after his demise, of our twelfth Imam.

Having played out these obligations of passing on the messages from the Imam to the adherents and the lessons of Ahlul Bayt, he kicked the bucket in Baghdad and was covered there.

  1. Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Othman al Amri, the child of the main Ambassador was named the second Safeer of our twelfth Imam. He kicked the bucket in 305 Hijri (917 AD) .
  2. Abul Qasim Hussain ibn Rauh Nawbakhti was designated the Imam’s third Safeer. He was a best positioning researcher and Faqeeh, eminent for his insight into every Islamic science. He was additionally an exceptionally devout man. Under the headings of the twelfth Imam, his third Safeer Hussain ibn Rauh played out his obligations as Safeer for the following 15 years. He kicked the bucket in the year 320 Hijri
  3. Abul Hassan ‘Ali ibn Muhammad al-Samari. He was the last Safeer of the twelfth Imam, succeeding Hussain ibn Rauh as coordinated by the Imam. He played out his obligations for a long time and passed on the fifteenth Shabaan 329 Hijri (May 15, 941 AD) Having being asked on his deathbed with respect to who might succeed him, he answered: Providence currently wishes to give the issue another shape the span of which is known to God alone.”

After Abul Hassan there was no Safeer. In this tragic year, i.e. 329 Hijri, numerous researchers, for example, ‘Ali ibn Babwayh Qummi and Muhammad ibn Yaqub Kulaini, the scholarly compiler of al-Kafi additionally passed on. Other than these occasions, an additional common wonder was likewise seen. In the sky such huge numbers of stars shot that it appeared as though Doomsday had come.

That year was named as the time of the dispersal of stars. After this, took after a dull period on the grounds that no saffeer was left to specifically approach the Imam al Mahdi (as) . It is additionally related that Imam himself told his last Safeer that there won’t be any more arrangements of Sofara.

At the point when asked what the devotees would do, the Imam answered, “take after the Foqaha of our Deen, the individuals who know about Qur’an, who ensure Deen and would not take after their own wants”.

In noting the individuals who question the value of the Imam in covering, there are various events specified in books of numerous Ulemas, for example, Shaikh Mufid (d413 Hijri) Allama Hilli (d. 726)/shahid Thalith Noorullah Shoostry (d.1019). They have specified in their own particular period with respect to how the twelfth Imam was drawn closer and gave assistance. Every one of these accounts are specified in their own particular books.

Here in this book I might want to specify two such events that happened to the individuals who have advised their encounters to me by and by. Them two are currently dead and it is imperative for me to tell these happenings previously my own particular demise.

I lived in Najaf in the fifties and amid my stay there I used to visit Karbala’ almost consistently. In the town of Karbala’ there was a Dispensary kept running by the Pakistan Government. The Pharmacist there was one Mr.Rizvi who not just disseminated pharmaceutical to the poor of Karbala’ yet in addition took care of the patients and now and then even recommended prescription for them.

There was no qualified specialist to take care of the patient. Mr.Rizvi used to go to Baghdad on Friday to get stocks from the Hospital there. On one such event when he was returning by Minibus, the Bus driver halted at Mehmudiya, midway Karbala’. It was late at night. The Bus Driver told the traveler’s that there was a major issue with the Bus motor and he couldn’t continue until next morning.

The travelers would need to accommodate their own particular Board and cabin themselves for the night. Mr.Rizvi was exceptionally disturbed. He had a container heap of prescription with him and in the event that he would not be in Karbala’, the following morning his patients would be frustrated and some of them may need to abandon any pharmaceutical. He was remaining by the Road side, in this little town Mehmudiya, about 40 miles from Karbala’.

Night was getting darker. Individuals were sitting in dim cafés drinking espresso or playing card diversions and so on. As time passed his stresses expanded. He understood that on the off chance that he doesn’t move from that point soon, a few youths may come and vandalize his merchandise and supplies of drug. So he implored God and the words articulated were “Ya Sahebuz Zaman Udrikny” O’Imam of the Time, encourage me.

Minutes after the fact, he saw a jeep auto halted in that spot where he was standing and a gorgeous youthful Arab refined man escaped the Jeep and let him know, “Would you like to go to Karbala'”? He was astounded at this assistance and said indeed, obviously I need to go to Karbala’. He stated, “put your crate in the auto and sit adjacent to me”.

The man drove the auto and touched base in Karbala’ after a hour. Without soliciting him the address from his goal he took him straight to the entryway of the Dispensary and ceased. Mr.Rizvi got down, brought his crate of pharmaceutical down and began to search for some cash in his pocket to offer something to the Driver of the Jeep.

When he swung to search for him, there was nothing there. There was no jeep auto, no man, nothing. The street was totally unfilled. He bowed down on the residue of Karbala’ to say thanks to God for sending the assistance through the Imam of the Time. He disclosed to me this story actually and he had no doubt as far as he can tell that the assistance originated from the twelfth Imam.

From that time ahead his dedication towards helping the general population of Karbala’ had expanded a hundred crease. He passed on a few years after the fact while as yet helping his patients in that little Dispensary in Karbala’.

My second story was from the lips of an Englishman, Col.Abdullah Baines. Amid the second World War he was positioned at the Royal Air Force Base at Habbaniyah, a town nearly 22 miles south of Baghdad. Amid the tallness of the war there was some panic in Britain that Hitler may attack Iraq to snatch oilfields.

It was 1942 that the Commander of the Base chose to empty groups of the general population living at the base. Col.Baines was given the errand of driving the train of jeep autos brimming with ladies and youngsters from Baghdad to Damascus. They needed to go through the Desert where there was no street and they needed to discover their way by taking a gander at the stars as Captains of the ship cruise in the ocean and discover their way to their goal.

Col.Baines was a Christian yet he was knowledgeable in Islamic history and particularly the history concerning the lives of the Imams. He had perused numerous books about the twelfth Imam and was very much aware of the tales of those devoted who trust who get assistance from the Imam in their misery. They call the Imam and help comes to them. Every one of the ladies and kids with Col.Baines were all Christians and not Muslims.

Part of the way through their trip of this parade of five jeeps through the desert, they lost their way in a desert storm. They were pitifully lost, going all around in the desert, not knowing where to go and how to discover their approach to Damascus. They chose to camp there. Made a hover of jeep autos and all voyagers sat down on the ground to anticipate a marvel to get them out of that perpetual desert. They didn’t comprehend what to do.

At some point and one night passed that way and when the following day’s sun came singing, every one of them were in lose hope. Water stocks had gone and parched kids started to interest for water. Col.Baines did not recognize what to do. At that point he recalled that he read some place that in the event that you are in such misery, call the Imam of the ideal opportunity for help.

He set up his hands in the state of petition, shut his eyes and approached in his heart for the Imam to help. He stated, “we are altogether Christians and we might be delinquents, however these kids with me are guiltless , they don’t have the right incredible this way. O’Imam of the Time, enable them to escape this desert”. His petitions had not in any case finished when he saw that two horsemen were coming directly through the eye of the tempest.

They drew close to the hover of jeep autos, moved toward Col.Baines, and asked, ” Do all of you wish to go to Damascus”. He said “yes obviously”. They stated, “tail us”. The jeeps arranged and took after the horsemen. They had gone a couple of miles until the way turned out to be clear for them. Their aides instructed them to go straight toward the West and they will achieve Damascus.

In a couple of days they all achieved Damascus and wellbeing. Col.Baines understood that his supplications to the twelfth Imam were heard and help landed from the Imam.

Once the war was finished, Col.Bains grasped Islam, changed his name to Abdullah Baines and after his retirement from the Army, settled in Kent. He has himself disclosed to me his story before his passing in 1965. He likewise instructed me to pitch this however much as could reasonably be expected for this is reality and individuals ought not shun coming clean.

There are various encounters of this sort of assistance given by the Imam to individuals in trouble who call him for help. Ayatollah al-Jazaeri revealed to us two such accounts of his own encounters in Iran when help originated from the Imam to individuals.

Albeit truant and unrepresented, Imam al-Mahdi (as) still aides individuals and shields the confidence. Despite the fact that concealed, the Imam directs the world undertakings and aides it. This drape will exist as long as Providence esteems it vital.

The time will come, which might be past the point of no return for huge numbers of us, yet when the drapery of nonattendance will be evacuated, Imam al-Mahdi (as) will return and as anticipated by the Prophet, fill the world with equity and value, disposing of the common shameful acts and abuses. May God achieve his initial return and facilitate his coming.

Wal-hum do—lillahi-Rabbil-Alameen. Wassalato-Wassalamo Ala – Rasulehil Karim.

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