WWE Raw Preview 26th November 2018

WWE Raw Preview 26th November 2018

WWE Raw Preview 26th November 2018

WWE and RAW are working towards its next PPV, TLC, and the bubbly season will be activity pressed with intriguing fights and contentions all around.

On a week ago’s RAW, Braun Strowman was struck by Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley, and The Monster Among Men was truly harmed on the show which will see him sit out for some time.

Stephanie McMahon reported a match among Strowman and Corbin for TLC. Where a triumph for Strowman will see him confront Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble. While an annihilation for Corbin will see him expelled as the RAW Acting GM.

We additionally observed Dean Ambrose insult Seth Rollins for the duration of the night. And after that attacked him in the ring, while Nia Jax sent Ronda Rousey a message for when they confront each other at TLC, one month from now.

What would we be able to anticipate from the 26th November scene of RAW? Give us a chance to discover…

WWE Raw Preview 26th November 2018

Seth Rollins to “refocus”

Seth Rollins to "refocus"
Will Ambrose assault Rollins again on the current week’s RAW?

A week ago on RAW, Ambrose sent Rollins on a wild-goose pursue, insulting the Intercontinental boss to come and discover him. Toward the finish of the show, Rollins did discover and go up against his previous Shield sibling, yet Ambrose hit him with a low blow.

On the current week’s show, Rollins has issued an Open Challenge for his Intercontinental Championship belt on RAW, a similar belt that he will put on hold at TLC against Dean Ambrose.

Ambrose and Rollins went head to head at Starrcade on Saturday in a Steel Cage coordinate for the Intercontinental Champion, which the champ won as he moved out of the confine.

Rollins is by all accounts prepared for Ambrose. And needs to “test” himself by issuing an Open Challenge on RAW. The Architect has held the belt since winning it from Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam prior this year. Who will Rollins look in the Open Challenge on RAW this week? Will Ambrose meddle and cost Rollins the match and his belt?

WWE Raw Preview 26th November 2018

Corbin’s new rival for TLC?

Corbin's new rival for TLC?
Finn Balor and Baron Corbin to go head to head in singles coordinate on RAW

On a week ago’s RAW, Braun Strowman went head to head in a 6-man label group end coordinate. As he alongside Finn Balor and Elias, went up against the group of Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre.

Strowman was the last man from his group against the three monsters of the other group. And he was struck and genuinely harmed as he broken his correct elbow.

The Monster Among Men was allowed his match against Corbin at TLC by Stephanie McMahon. Where a win for Strowman would see him go head to head against Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble.

With Strowman out, Corbin will go head to head against The Monster Among Men’s label group accomplice from a week ago, Finn Balor. Could Balor be Corbin’s adversary at TLC if Strowman doesn’t come back from damage? Might we be able to see Lashley and McIntyre assault Balor to make an impression on Strowman?

WWE Raw Preview 26th November 2018

Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax square off


Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax square off
Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax

Subsequent to being brutalized by Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series. Ronda Rousey was compelled to confront Mickie James in a singles coordinate on RAW the exact one night from now, by acting GM Baron Corbin.

Rousey got the win, and keeping in mind that she was returning backstage was stood up to by Nia Jax and Tamina. Jax will get her shot at Rousey’s RAW Women’s Championship belt subsequent to winning the fight regal at Evolution.

Jax, who busted open Becky Lynch preceding Survivor Series on RAW. Motioned to her clench hand and grinned fiendishly and after that advanced backstage. Nia Jax may have pushed the wrong catches of the RAW Champion and there could be some hellfire to pay on RAW this week.

WWE Raw Preview 26th November 2018

AOP to protect their titles out of the blue

Creators of Pain shockingly won the RAW Tag Team titles when they crushed Seth Rollins not long ago. AOP at that point proceeded to confront the SmackDown label group champions, The Bar, at Survivor Series, where they won too.

Be that as it may, a week ago on RAW. The RAW Tag Team champions lost to Chad Gable and Bobby Roode. Who will now have a shot at the label group belts on RAW. Roode and Gable haven’t tasted much accomplishment since moving to RAW prior this year. However would they be able to at last win gold on RAW?

Elias to look for retaliation against Bobby Lashley

Elias to look for retaliation against Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley and Elias

Bobby Lashley and Elias have had a moderate consuming quarrel, with Lashley winning a spot on RAW’s Survivor Series group when he beat the guitar-using Superstar two weeks prior on RAW.

On a week ago’s show, Lashley was wiped out in the 6-man label group coordinate on RAW. Which highlighted Bobby Lashley on the contrary side, where Lashley conveyed a fatal lance on Elias. This quarrel is turning out to be a decent one, with Lashley’s promotion man, Lio Rush, getting under the skin of Elias over and over.

The current week’s RAW show from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, could be where Elias gets his restitution as Elias will go head to head against Lashley in a one-on-one match. In singles rivalry on RAW, Lashley has crushed Elias twice. While Elias has won only one match against Lashley in one-on-one matchups.

Could Elias change things around and get force going into TLC with a win against Lashley?

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