WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018, Latest Monday Night RAW Winners, Video Highlights

Reignules commenced the show by strolling up to the ring to apologize for not being a battling champion. He gave a character breaking promotion reporting that his name is Joe and he has been battling Leukemia for a long time. And he said that the infection was back and for that, he would need to surrender the Universal Title however specified this was not the slightest bit his retirement. He lay the belt down in the focal point of the ring and exited before embracing his Shield siblings on the incline. Roman was in tears.

Finn Balor versus Bobby Lashley

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
All things considered, in any event somebody’s having a decent day

Balor was in charge when Lio ran an impedance making Finn pursue Rush outwardly as Lashley utilized the chance to steamroll Balor as we set out toward advertisements. Balor hit a storm cellar dropkick and Lio continued droning Lashley’s name. Lashley hit a Samoan drop for a close fall and Balor turned around the vertical suplex. Balor missed the Coupe de Grace and got the three check with a sudden move up.

Result: Finn Balor def. Bobby Lashley

Sasha Banks versus Ruby Riott

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018

Sasha hit a major shoulder handle immediately and picked up the energy as we headed into a business break. Riott was in charge as we returned and had a lay hang on. Banks hit a major boot to the face and a dropkick winning back control of the match before she hit the twofold knees twice pursued by a traitor.

Logan and Morgan turned out for the help and were assaulted by Bailey and Natalya. The Riott Squad figured out how to overwhelm the opposition and Sasha needed to get included. Riott promoted and hit a tremendous kick as Sasha came back to the ring and got the three tally.

Result: Ruby Riott def. Sasha Banks

DX returns…again

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
Should we be possible with this as of now?

DX was in the ring to cut another nonexclusive promotion about confronting the Brothers of Destruction at Crown Jewel. Funeral director’s music hit part of the way through and the ‘Siblings’ appeared on the Titantron flaunting gravestones with H and Shawn’s names on them. Taker said they’ll ‘Rest in Peace’; nothing we haven’t heard several times previously.

The report group affirmed that Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman will battle for the now-empty Universal Title at Crown Jewel.

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
On the off chance that you were interested, Heyman still has an occupation

As an astonishment to positively nobody, Paul Heyman turned out to remind us why Brock is the person who merits the Universal Title more than anybody. He said Braun isn’t on a similar level and the Monster turned out to discredit that announcement. Drew McIntyre assaulted Braun with a Claymore from behind as the dull section finished.

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018

Elias versus Apollo Crews

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
Would someone be able to check the quantity of lay hangs on today around evening time’s show?

Elias was in the ring to perform however was cut off by Apollo. The match started before we could even ask where his previous mates, Titus Worldwide were. In any case, Crews hit a major flip off the cook’s garment to the ground as we, by and by, cut for plugs. The two exchanged rest holds and Crews hit an Enzugiri.

A standing meteorite press from Crews finished in a close fall. Elias hit a knee to the jaw and after that the Driftaway for the three consider and the triumph we were reminded what Elias’ passage music sounds like.

Result: Elias def. Apollo Crews

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
It’s actual, it’s damn valid…

Kurt Angle showed up on screen to discuss the WWE World Cup and the contenders giving us a little bit of their accomplishments and honors. He said he’ll be conveying his best to the battle despite the fact that it’s been a very long time since his greatness days in the WWE.

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
Presumably the best time snapshot of RAW this evening

Elias was back in the ring with his guitar after the match yet this time Baron Corbin intruded on him. Aristocrat said they didn’t possess energy for it yet Elias said Stephanie needs to hear the tune as well. Noble let him know whether Stephanie didn’t care for him, he’d be terminated as of now.

Elias sang a few lines about how Corbin is only a manikin for Stephanie. Corbin had Elias’ mic cut off and he withdrew backstage. Elias returned, notwithstanding, getting Baron unprepared and crushed his guitar on the acting GM’s back. Somewhere around one good thing left this long section.

Raw Women’s Title Contract Signing

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
The Bella Twins couldn’t avoid destroying on Rousey

Nikki and Brie turned out first and delayed to remain in the ring as Rousey came in. Ronda guaranteed she wasn’t searching for a battle. The twins infuriated the champ with a wide range of waste talking however Rousey remained consistent with her oath and didn’t raise a finger.

Nikki and Rousey marked the agreement and the champ left with these words: ‘At Evolution, I will end you’.

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
Rollins and Ambrose were very shaken up

Backstage, Ambrose and Rollins gave a passionate meeting talking about their history as the Shield. They were speechless as they headed into the Tag Team Title coordinate against Dolph and Drew.

Nia Jax versus Ash Moon versus Dana Brooke versus Tamina – Fatal Four Way Match

Dana went for a brisk move up on Ember yet was denied the three check. Nia flipped Dana on her back and after that had Tamina on her shoulders however Tamina received in return and hit a superkick, sending Nia taking off of the ring. Ash returned and hit the Eclipse on Tamina while both Nia and Dana were out of the ring. Coal went for the move up and got the simple three tally.

Result: Ember Moon def. Tamina, Nia Jax and Dana Brooke

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
This is as yet the Attitude Era, clearly

Tori and Lita were cutting a promotion backstage when Mickie and Alicia assaulted them. The fight endured all of 10 seconds and the veterans finished with “That is the means by which we do in the Attitude Era”. Wince.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre (c) versus Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose – RAW Tag Team Title Match

WWE RAW Results October 22nd 2018
The Shield won however at what cost?

The Shield were commanding and Seth took out the two men with a suicide jump into the blockades. Ziggler got Rollins in a Famouser as McIntyre and he hit a twofold group move. Ziggler and Ambrose were pursuing each other around the ring as the match proceeded inside.

Rollins influenced an awesome endeavor at a cover on Drew and after that set to up for a best rope move yet Drew showed signs of improvement of him. Senior member came in with a dropkick and Rollins hit a Duperplex and after that a Falcon Arrow yet at the same time no fortunes with the stick. Dolph hit a Zigzag yet at the same time no luckiness. Strowman came in with a diversion and Rollins thumped out the arbitrator by oversight.

Braun assaulted Drew and took him backstage and when Dolph acknowledged he was distant from everyone else, he attempted to run. Rollin got him with a step and got the stick to win the titles.

Result: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose def. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre to end up the new RAW Tag Team Champions

Ambrose hit a Dirty Deeds on Rollins and afterward began assaulting him cruelly. He dropped him out of the ring while the stunned crowd booed Dean. He expelled the tangle from the floor and hit a Dirty Deeds on the solid before venturing into the group. The Shield is authoritatively finished!

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