WWE SmackDown Live Results 13th November 2018

WWE SmackDown Live Results 13th November 2018

WWE SmackDown Live Results 13th November 2018

The show commenced with a recap of SmackDown’s attack of RAW. The broadcasters affirmed that Becky Lynch had endured a genuine blackout subsequent to taking a punch from Nia Jax and she was not cleared to contend at Survivor Series against Ronda Rousey.

AJ Styles was out to publicity his match against Brock yet Paul Heyman came in with the interference. The two contended about who might win at Survivor Series before Daniel Bryan turned out to provoke AJ.

AJ and Daniel got into a genuine fight and Shane with the assistance of a few authorities needed to pry them separated. Back after the break, Shane, Paige, and Bryan were backstage and AJ appeared there as well, and the fight proceeded. Shane had them isolated again and required a title coordinate between the two.

WWE SmackDown Live Results 13th November 2018

Jeff Hardy versus Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

Jeff Hardy versus Andrade 'Cien' Almas

Almas began off on the forceful, starting a torrent of assaults. Tough immediately moved the energy and thumped Almas out of the ring. Strong missed the Twist of Fate and Almas hit the twofold step in the corner for a close fall.

Almas evaded the Twist of Fate again however Hardy at long last hit the move subsequent to avoiding a hammerlock DDT. Jeff went up the ropes and hit the Swanton Bomb to complete off Almas and get the stick.

Result: Jeff Hardy def. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas

WWE SmackDown Live Results 13th November 2018

Backstage, Paige and The Miz were watching the match and the GM reported that Bryan was off the SmackDown group and The Miz was the sole skipper. He picked Jeff Hardy as the last individual from group SmackDown and needed Mysterio off the group. Paige disclosed to him that on the off chance that he could beat Rey in a match right at that point, he would get his desire.

The Miz versus Rey Mysterio

The Miz versus Rey Mysterio

Miz and Mysterio were uniformly coordinated, at an opportune time, before The Miz hit a clothesline and got Rey in an accommodation move. Miz was sent outside with a Hurricanrana and after that Rey slid off the canvas and onto the ground yet Miz got his knees up.

Rey missed a crossbody off the ropes and Miz hit a DDT and a major powerbomb utilizing the best rope. Mysterio hit the 619 however Miz countered the frog sprinkle and Rey turned around the accompanying pin endeavor and got the three tally.

Result: Rey Mysterio def. The Miz

Randy Orton assaulted Mysterio after the match yet the luchador got away without a moment to spare and Miz took the RKO.

Becky Lynch reports her Survivor Series substitution

Becky Lynch reports her Survivor Series substitution

SmackDown GM Paige was in the ring and welcomed the entire SmackDown ladies’ group to the ring. She brought in the harmed Becky Lynch and requested that her pick a substitution to battle Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam. Becky said even with a blackout, she could kick Ronda’s a**.

Becky strolled up to Charlotte Flair and advised her to make Ronda tap out the manner in which she would have and embraced her.

The Bar and Big Show versus The New Day

The Bar and Big Show versus The New Day

Kofi and Sheamus kicked us off and Xavier was labeled in for a twofold group before Big E too came in for a triple move. Cesaro and after that the Big Show were labeled in and Woods was stuck in an unfortunate situation in the ring. Cesaro went for a stick on Xavier however Big E acted the hero.

Huge Show sent E into the blockades directly after. Show at that point hauled Xavier out of the ring and sent him into the report table. Enormous Show came back to the ring and got Kofi with a KO punch and got the win.

Result: The Bar and Big Show def. The New Day

The Bar and Big Show versus The New Day
The Usos have gathered their group

Backstage, The Usos given shirts out to the Colons, The Good Brothers Gallows, and Anderson and in addition SAnitY, formally welcoming them to the label groups speaking to SmackDown at SummerSlam close by New Day.

AJ Styles (c) versus Daniel Bryan – WWE Championship coordinate

AJ Styles (c) versus Daniel Bryan - WWE Championship coordinate
We have a pristine WWE Champion not exactly seven days before Survivor Series

AJ began in all out attack mode and Bryan appeared to be more forceful than expected. AJ sent Bryan outside and jumped after him over the ropes. After the break, AJ assaulted Bryan’s knee yet took a major turn kick. Styles was going to complete a springboard yet Bryan pushed him appropriate off the ropes.

Bryan and AJ fought outside and AJ was sent into the ring post. Bryan was attempting to debilitate AJ’s left arm and got a close fall over the champ. The two men kept running into one another and took each other out amidst the ring as we set out toward plugs.

Bryan hit a Hurricanrana off the best rope however AJ hit the Pele kick. AJ was gotten topsy turvy on the corner and Bryan hit a dropkick. Bryan hit a major superplex yet missed the It kicks. He turned around a Styles Clash yet took another Pele kick.

A springboard 450 from AJ was met by Bryan’s knees and Daniel pursued with the Yes Lock yet AJ found the ropes. AJ secured in the Calf Crusher and Bryan turned around it into the Yes bolt yet AJ got out.

Styles hit the arbitrator unintentionally and Bryan hit a low blow and afterward the running knee for the win.

Result: Daniel Bryan def. AJ Styles and turned into the new WWE Champion

Bryan assaulted AJ after the match and took a gander at the belt. A stunning foot rear area abandon Bryan closes the show.

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